Arabic Planetary Talismans

In the Arabic magical tradition, there are various talismans associated with the main seven heavenly bodies. Presented here are some of the most popular, for the manufacture of which it is necessary to be engraved on stone or metal corresponding to the given planet, and made in auspicious astrological time.

Arabic Talisman of Jupiter

Arabic Talisman of Jupiter - Arabic Planetary Talismans

Jupiter is the planet of luck, finances and expansion. It is associated with stability and growth. The talisman helps its owner to attract luck and prosperity in a personal aspect or work. It also helps to avoid bankruptcy. If placed in the workplace or shop it helps to attract customers and visitors. It protects the home from negative forces and promotes a good atmosphere in it.

Protects against dangers on land
Gives success in gambling and betting
Improves financial condition
Assists with business and court cases
Endows its owner with ambition, honesty, and virtue
Increases mental energy
It helps to attract good luck overall

Arabic Talisman of Moon

Arabic Talisman of Moon - Arabic Planetary Talismans

The Moon is that celestial body that exerts the greatest influence on all forms of life and is identified with the feminine. Its talisman is related to intuition and protects its owner from aggression and physical dangers. Also for protection from evil forces and their elimination.


· Against nightmares and for peaceful sleep
· Drives away negative forces and spirits
· To strengthen intuition and gives insight into sleep
· Protection from dangers on the water
· Alleviation of physical pain
· To attract harmony
· To protect the health
· Accelerates recovery processes after illnesses

Arabic Talisman of Mercury

Arabic Talisman of Mercury - Arabic Planetary Talismans

Mercury is associated with mental activity and travel. Its talisman strengthens memory and the ability to memorize quickly, and bestows success in studies and everything related to science. The talisman is especially suitable for students or those who earn their living by mental activity, writing, and poetry.

· Improves all forms of communication
· Assists in business matters (mostly communications and travel related)
· Strengthens and improves memory
· Grants the wearer with oratory

Arabic Talisman of Venus

Arabic Talisman of Venus - Arabic Planetary Talismans

Planet Venus symbolizes love, friendship, harmony and beauty and is associated with skill in the fine arts. The talisman is designed to attract love to its owner and endow him with the love of others. Wearing it increases personal magnetism and sexual radiance so that one is liked in the eyes of others.


· Makes the wearer irresistible to others
· Helps attract love, respect, romance and passion
· Increases sensitivity
· Suitable for all matters concerning personal and sexual relationships

Arabic Talisman of Sun

Arabic Talisman of Sun - Arabic Planetary Talismans

The Sun is called the king of all the planets. Its talisman is designed to improve social status, to attract wealth, happiness, and career success. Also for attracting honor and prestige among others, to bring respect and fame. It is also used against physical ailments.

· Increases money, health, and personal success
· Bestows success, fame, and popularity
· Improves expression skills
· Helps to solve problems quickly
· Softens the hearts of rulers and authorities
· Especially suitable for leaders and people in management positions

Arabic Talisman of Mars

Arabic Talisman of Mars - Arabic Planetary Talismans

Mars is the planet of physical energy. It helps to fight against severe diseases and fears, as well as to protect against physical attacks. Suitable for all people who hold positions related to law enforcement, the military, or those involved in heavy sports and physical activities.

It helps in all cases where courage and determination are required
Increases passion
It bestows its owner with courage, ambition, enthusiasm and the will to fight
To stop scandals and quarrels
It helps against enemies and for victory

Arabic Talisman of Saturn

Arabic Talisman of Saturn - Arabic Planetary Talismans

Saturn is the planet known as the Teacher and Judge, responsible for discipline and responsibilities.

Victory over opponents
Makes others take notice and listen to you
Especially suitable for removing bad luck
Removes harmful thoughts from enemies
Increases personal power
For dynamism, determination, and hard work©

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