Moon Talisman/ Arabian Planetary Magical Talisman

This magical onyx stone egg is charged with powerful Lunar incantations. It can be placed at home or your workplace and will imbue it with strong positive energy and will attract many goods to you. It will help you establish matrimonial happiness and harmony, attracts love and respect from others, enhances the feelings of your partner, eliminates all forms of misunderstandings at home or your workplace. This talisman brings positive energy of peace and harmony in the home where its placed.

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Arabic Planetary Magic Talisman - Moon Talisman/ Arabian Planetary Magical Talisman

Price: 450 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. Each talisman is tailor made for each client. To order, please use the email below[email protected]