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Important! Before making an order, please read the following information:

  1. We do not offer clairvoyant services or tell future events. As people practicing magic, we understand that human destiny is prone to changes at any given time and the standard forms of fortune telling are pointless. We solve specific problems from different spheres of life.
  2. The site, the information here and our services are intended only for persons over 18 years old.
  3. We do not consult or offer any medical advices. We do not offer conventional or alternative treatment of medical problems in any aspect.
  4. All of the products and services offered on our website – are strictly individually targeted and designed for the client. We do NOT sell consumer goods that are factory made and the same for everyone.
  5. All amulets are tailor made and charged individually for every person depending on the purpose and personal needs. We do not use ready-made printed amulets for mass use because they are useless.
  6. The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are all completely handmade and charged with the help of the correct Arabic rituals in observation of all necessary requirements and the right time for preparation. Each one of our talismans is accompanied with detailed instructions, complete directions and illustrated descriptions.
  7. The rituals we offer are performed by our team of specialists that are professionals with long years of experience. We use extremely strong and time – proven magical influences for good and evil. We guarantee complete confidentiality to each client and high level of professionalism. In addition, as a proof of our work, we sent to you pictures of the performed rituals.
  8. After payment for a product or a service, the delivery is done by courier and we work with clients from all over the world. Each client is individually advised for the time of performance of a specific ritual or delivery of a charm or talisman by email.