King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman

Understanding the immense power and potential of the mighty 72 Jinn, which were controlled by King Solomon, we have taken an unprecedented step to create a magical pact with these spiritual beings. This Jinn pact talisman, in essence, provides a gateway to an invisible world traditionally hidden from human perception, offering extraordinary potential for true transformation.

The names of these mighty jinn and their descriptions were given in an old Arabic-Andalusian manuscript from the 15th century called Misceláneo de Salomón (Solomon’s Miscellany). This magical manuscript was found hidden during the preservation of a palace in Ocaña, Toledo. It once belonged to an Alfaquí (mystic) of the area, who used it to provide spiritual and physical support to the Mudejars Moors with whom he lived. In a time and area where such occult manuscripts flourished it was concealed from the human gaze.

Other old Arabic grimoires talk about these ancient 72 jinn that were once presented and bound by King Solomon and they describe the benefits to the sorcerer that commands them.

The abilities of these Jinn are so advanced and their power is undreamed by the common people. They have complied with our interest as well and we have devoted decades of working with them and their summoning in our practices and they provided unbelievable and outstanding results.

Thereby we have decided to create this magical pact made with the mighty 72 Jinn bound by King Solomon. The pact is made with each of the 72 ifrit jinn and it serves as a talismanic and powerful occult tool that establishes a direct connection to harness the raw spiritual energy of the Ifrit Jinn, channeling it towards the realization of the outcome you want.

The complete list with the 72 jinn names is as follows:

Mahmas, Munis, Naqiq, Majid, Jadhbah, ‘Aqel, Al-Ghul, Sajiz, Ar-Raw’ah, ‘Amdyan, Latush, Ad-Dulat Wa Hiram as-Sebyan, Al-Uq, Danhash, Nazjush, Ad-Dabah, Al-Musrif, Zoobaghah, Al-Haja, Al-‘Auiah, ‘Abqar Dhat al-Asqam, Az-Zubdah, Al-Qooah, As-Sisan, Qelnematah, F’ajyan, S’aih, Ar-Ruah, Al-Qarsa, Ruimnah, al-Khnamen, Habshahesh, Lahif, Smahel, Beqasmin, Al-Jund’a, Talyaba, Sefir, Hamudi, An-Nefis, Hurta, Ar-Rahiah, Ad-Darban, Al-Khataf, Al-Wiswas, Yed Um Meldem, Az-Zu’ah, An-Nabah, Al-Mul’a, Al-Wiswas Al-Akbar, Al-Khanas al-Asghar, Al-Hamqa, Hasen, Al-Masur, Balem, Shakhya, Bardun, Bezid al-Majusi, M’aruz, Al-Mliah an-Nafedha, Marweya, Al-Falija, Al-Watheq, Al-As’ari al-Yahudi, Luq, Al-Marikh, ‘Amer Abu as-Shisfan Saheb al-Jebel, Al-Hilyah az-Zaherah, Qodsa, Shrahi, Maghshaghas, ‘Ashara

You might experience strange sensations while holding the pact including strong energy, warmth, or tingling in your hands, as well as the feeling of a vibrant presence or that someone or something is watching you.

You are going to achieve an entirely new level of magical experience for these are 72 of the Most Powerful and Mightiest Wish Granters Jinn known to humankind.

The great power of the pact has unlimited benefits such as:

Attract love, sexual desire, adoration, and affection towards you of the desired people you want.

Draw material abundance, money, well-being, prosperity, and increasing your business.

Unlocking your luck and success in life by opening all the roads and attracting the right people and the right possibilities in any area.

Giving radiance and great respect among friends and foes and winning the trust of people around you.

Complete dominion and victory over all known and unknown enemies, rivals, or bullies who are trying to mess up with you or harm you with their actions.

Removal of any obstacles and blockages in all spheres of life.

Improvement of your spiritual potential and magical practices, enhancing intuition and psychic powers.

Providing inexplicable boosts in inspirational creativity inherent to the great artists or creators, and acquiring new skills in a fast way.

All these and much more are presented when you start using the jinn pact of the 72 Jinn of Solomon.

Beware, if you want to acquire the pact you should hurry because we are only able to create limited pieces of this unparalleled magical artifact. The process of its making and creation is elaborate and exhausting and it requires rare supplies and many days of summoning and consecration thus we are unable to create many pieces of it.

For those of you who believe in investing in yourself and taking advantage of this unique talismanic object that fate gives you the chance to own now, you will have the advantage to win the game of life and change your destiny.

The pact is written on genuine vellum parchment and is accompanied by a unique talismanic container box for its preservation and protection, further binding the entities involved. It comes with instructions on how to be used and to safely navigate the Jinn forces at your disposal.

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Ifrit Genie Arabic Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman
Jinn Ifrit Arabic Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman
Jinn Ifrit Magical Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman
Jinni Ifrit Arabic Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman
Arabic Jinni Ifrit Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman

Jinn Ifrit Djinn Magic Manuscript Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman
King Solomon Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact - King Solomon 72 Jinn Ifrit Shaytan Pact – Summoning Talisman

What is a Jinn Pact

A Magical Talismanic Jinn Pact is a mystical agreement made between an individual and a supernatural being known as a jinn. The pact involves the creation or use of a talisman link – a specially crafted object or a jewel inscribed with magical symbols, seals, and imbued with the jinn’s energies, and a written talismanic scroll that seals the pact.

The process of producing a Talismanic Jinn pact involves several key elements:

    – Intent and Purpose:

    The individual seeking the pact must have a clear intention and purpose for engaging with the jinn. This could range from seeking protection and guidance to acquiring knowledge, wealth, love, or spiritual enlightenment.

    – Invocation and Ritual:

    A ritual operation is performed to attract the attention of the jinn. This involves chanting specific Arabic invocations, performing ceremonial actions, giving specific orders to the jinn, and following a set of magical procedures passed down from time-tested occult traditions and previous masters of the art. During the elaborate process of creating the pact offerings, such as incense, specific herbs, oils, and substances, are given as a sign of respect and gratitude to the jinn. Respectful communication and adherence to the agreed-upon conditions are crucial to maintaining a positive relationship.

    – The Talisman Jinn Link creation:

    A talisman, often a physical object such as an amulet, specific jewel, or engraved stone, is prepared consecrated, and imbued with the power of the jinn or an angel – depending on whether one is summoning beings of the earthly or heavenly hierarchies. The talisman serves as a focal point for the connection between the individual and the jinn. It is adorned with sacred symbols, names of the jinn, or specific seals that amplify its magical properties.

    – Agreement and Sealing the Pact:

    The second part of the pact itself consists in a written form of the jinn’s agreement through its summoning along with the jinn’s personal names and seals that are written with magical ink on genuine animal leather or velum in the form of a scroll. Once created as a talismanic scroll, this written pact is permanent and valid for life, and the person has the responsibility to preserve and keep it safe because if it’s lost or destroyed the pact will be terminated and cease to work.

Price: 2000 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]