About The Arabic Magic

Arabic magic is believed by many to be the strongest form of magical art. It is mentioned in most of the fairytale myths and legends of the Orient and its mysticism continues to conquer the hearts of people in the present day. The Arabic magic is popular in many countries and is practiced by imams famous for their gifts and skills. The biggest part of their work is using the words of the Quran since its prayers contain huge powers that can be used both for good and evil.
One of the most frequent practices done by the imams is preparation of amulets. Amulets are mighty Arab talismans and charms that contain prayers from the Quran or specific magical incantations, symbols and squares that bring love, money, fortune and luck in life to its bearer. However, it is necessary to know that the correct creation and charging of an amulet is an art of itself that is kept in secret and is mastered by few only.

The magical powers of an amulet do not come simply from scribbling certain texts over paper and carrying it by somebody. The authentic and acting amulets are result of a complex and difficult process. First, it is necessary to select the right prayer from the Quran or the spell suitable for the required purpose.  Then, it is written with a special ink (black, red, saffron, animal blood etc.) Depending on the intended use of the amulets, they are done in different hours of the day and sometimes only in specific moon phases and are censed with rare and expensive herbs and fragrances. The most important final step is their charging done by saying Quran surahs and spells a certain number of times and that transforms them from a simple object into a mighty magical talisman. Some say that it is a sin for a Christian to seek the services of Arab sorcerers or infidels. This is an intentional delusion and a wrong statement because God is one for all but is only called different names in different religions.

On our site, we offer you a rich variety of authentic and high quality amulets and talismans that will help you in different life situations. Those of you who would like to get a real talisman or an amulet not just a commercial object or useless souvenir will get a chance to see the quality and power of our unique creations. For more serious problems and situations we can also offer extremely strong magical rituals, done by our specialist in the Arab school.