Arabic Stones Amulets

An amulet is an object believed to be endowed with certain magical or protective qualities. The stones, originally worn as amulets in Uruk as early as the fourth millennium BC. continue to be used today by Muslims. In the Islamic world, the wearing of semi-precious or precious stones engraved with Quranic prayers, names of God and calligraphic texts is widespread.

It is believed that such a stone, which carries divine words, will protect its owner from all kinds of troubles and dangers or will endow him with certain benefits. Such amulet stones contain a wide variety of inscriptions, from religious texts, numbers and astrological signs to magical symbols and fonts and intended to be carried in a pocket, wrapped in cloth, as pendants, mounted on rings or directly hung in homes for protection. Some are also used as seals or a personal sign. It is believed that the material from which they are made or the stone itself is particularly important, since each is characterized by certain properties.

Stones also have their place in traditional medicine, where they are attributed certain healing properties related to a given disease or condition. Folk healers advise that each individual stone, according to its purpose, be permanently worn on a gold or silver ring. Apart from a few of them, I won’t go into detail about the specifics of all of them, or leave it as a topic for a future post.

Arabic Talismanic Stones - Arabic Stones Amulets

Agate – in the Arab world it is called aqeeq and is one of the most widely used stones for amulets. It is considered sacred because the Prophet Muhammad himself is believed to have worn an agate on a silver ring on his right hand. It protects against misfortunes and misfortunes and even helps to cure scorpion and snake bites. The best are said to be red, yellow, and white agate because these three types are found in the Paradise Mountains.

Akik Suleymani (Solomon’s agate) – also known as cyclops agate, round agate or cat’s eye is a type of agate that after processing acquires the shape of an eye. Considered a particularly strong apotropaic against evil eyes and dangers. Apart from protection, if worn as a ring on the hand it helps to increase intuition, concentration and personal power.

Carnelian – one of the most popular stones used for making amulets in the Islamic world, sometimes also called aqeeq. It is considered to bring good luck and protect against misfortune.

Arabic Stone Amulet - Arabic Stones Amulets

Emerald – worn to attract love, family happiness and harmony. Considered one of the best stones to protect against infidelity, as well as increase the power of prayers.

Coral – White coral is used to treat body aches, physical exhaustion, genital infections and against bad luck. Red is a strong amulet against lessons and negative influences, worn for anemia, bleeding and to relieve temper and outbursts of anger.

Arabic Protection Amulets - Arabic Stones Amulets

Moonstone – gives peace of mind and brings relief to the mind and mental state.©

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