The Talismanic Ring of the Djinn King Malik Afshan

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Malik Afshan is the king of the pari. Peri (from Persian: پری‎ pari or fairy) are a class of djinn, exquisite, winged spirits renowned for their beauty. Originally from Persian and Armenian mythologies, Peris were later adopted by other cultures. According to the Persian exegesis of the Qurʼan Tafsir al-Tabari, the peris are beautiful female spirits created by God after the vicious divs. They mostly believe in God and are benevolent to mankind. They are still part of the different belief systems and they appear to humans, sometimes punishing hunters in the mountains who are disrespectful or waste resources or even abducting young humans for their social events. Encounters with peris are held to be physical as well as psychological.

Malik Afshan is the great djinn king of the peris. His throne is located in the Qaf Mountain, a mysterious mountain renowned as the “farthest point of the earth” owing to its location at the far side of the ocean encircling the earth. This talismanic djinn ring can be worn or carried with you to experience its strong energies. Malik Afshan is a benevolent and powerful djinn who will help you to achieve your goals, to attract good luck, success in life, money, acceptance, harmony, love and all positive things. He is a protector not only to you but to your family and beloved ones. He will be a great guide in your life and will always stand at your side with his might and power.

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Powerful King Marid Ring - The Talismanic Ring of the Djinn King Malik Afshan

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