Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn

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There is a vast body of Arabic corpus on occultism that deals with the jinn. There are hundreds of magical works and manuscripts containing different spells and conjurations. This is the reality of a tradition that has spanned thousands of years. Despite this the information about the mighty father of all jinn is scarce and very little is described about him in any possible manuscript or occult book.

The Father of All Jinn

He is the first ever created and primordial jinn, the Father of all Jinn from whom every jinn originates much like Adam is the first human and ancestor of all human beings in the world. His name in Arabic is Aba Al-Jann (ابو الجن) or Father of All Jinn. He holds a significant place in Islamic lore and Middle Eastern mythology. He is the first jinn created by God. The Almighty shaped the initial jinn from the smokeless fire and bestowed upon him the name Soumya according to the ancient narrative. Presented with an opportunity to make a singular desire, Aba Al-Jann instead implored for three wishes: “to see, but not be seen,” to “disappear into the soil,” and, after aging, “to become young before death.” God granted all three. Thus, the jinn came to inhabit the terrestrial realm, while the celestial hosts of angels took their place among the varying levels of heaven. The Divine purposefully designed humans with limited sensory perceptions, preventing them from perceiving jinn in their true form, in accordance with the first Jinn desire.

Aba Al-Jann is the oldest jinn, the progenitor of his kind, and respectively the wisest and most powerful among them with various abilities and unlimited knowledge. In the realm of the jinn and among their hierarchy he is considered a great authoritative figure ruling over jinn and providing guidance to those who seek it. The whereabouts of Abu Al-Jann is shrouded in mystery. According to the ancient lore he retired in a deep palace under Earth and his heirs and successors such as the Four Jinn Elders, The Seven Jinn Kings, and Iblees himself took the rule, control, and shared reign over all the Jinn tribes and kingdoms, which in turn are ruled by numerous lesser kings, queens, and royalties in the Jinn hierarchy among the thousands of jinn tribes.

It is a great mystery how to contact The Father of All Jinn. Almost no arabic occult book or grimoire mentions his name or any way to summon him as if it is forbidden or sealed knowledge. The reason for this is his power is so immense that no human would dare to summon him, and there are only a few accounts of human sorcerers who dealt with him kept in strict secrecy. It was told he resides in another realm or a parallel dimension only crossing into our world under specific circumstances or when summoned by those who possess the secret knowledge and power to do so.

This one-of-a-king magical jinn pact is one of the rare few tools that does this and you’ll be glad to know there is no other such one ever presented to the occult and magical community to this day.

Years ago when we tried to collect more information about the first jinn Aba Al-Jann and the ways of his summoning we drew a blank and failed to discover anything significant, until one of our teachers after his death left us his vast collection of notes and magical books. We will keep his name in secret as per his wish but we were surprised to find that his notebooks contained detailed records of the nature of the Father of All Jinn – Aba Al-Jann and special magical conjurations designed to invoke him, which had been handed down from generation to generation. And our teacher had not told us a single word about these secret records and always changed the subject when we asked him about this specific being. He did not want this knowledge to be revealed publicly, and it probably would have disappeared if he had not changed his mind in the last moments of his life. May The Almighty bless his soul with eternal peace.

We didn’t expect a lot when we first summoned Aba Al-Jann for help. What happened after blew our minds. We don’t want to brag but our finances rose significantly, our lives changed drastically for the better and our success in every sphere of life increased, we were gifted with prosperity, happiness, and harmony, not to mention spiritual improvement and above all the opening of spiritual paths to the unseen world and chance which appeared before us for the learning of many new knowledge and great secrets, and we have not even made specific demands from The Father of All Jinn.

You might say: “I care about money and financial prosperity for money means a lot in our material world.” Indeed, to us humans, finances might hold significant value, but to the jinn, they carry little importance. Therefore, whether it’s $1000 or 1 million, each amount is indifferent to the mighty Father of All Jinn. In reality, what this magical jinn pact symbolizes is a profound union between humans and the first jinn. A collaboration where a powerful primordial jinn and a mortal human unite. The miracles and changes you hope to manifest will spring from this remarkable partnership.

If you’re digesting these words, it implies you’ve expressed curiosity. And know that access to this information is rare, and limited to a select few.

The figure of this jinn pact Aba Al-Jann far transcends any ordinary jinn, paralleling legendary figures from the ancient myths. The breadth of experiences this bond can unlock is astounding. The depths of knowledge you can delve into are beyond imagination. The magnitude of assistance this pact can provide is almost inconceivable. It can unlock unsuspected possibilities for you. Success in any field, financial prosperity, finding your desired job, finding your dream partner and soulmate, respect and prestige among all people, universal and absolute protection from all evil, black magic, curses, misfortunes and accidents, body protection, mowing down enemies and rivals, spiritual guidance and revealing many hidden secrets of the unseen world and occult knowledge.

Keep in mind this pact is created in an extremely elaborate way and requires weeks of craftsmanship with the Aba Al-Jinn’s own involvement and it is not to be taken lightly. This is not a toy but the ultimate magical experience. If you are just looking for a quick solution to some trivial problem, we advise you to skip pass by this pact, because it is not intended for the mundane and mediocre but for those who seek real enlightenment and connection with the invisible realm of the jinn.

This Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann is inscribed on genuine parchment vellum, consecrated and charged with the highly guarded conjurations that call forth and secure the help of The Father of All Jinn by the secret names of God. The magical amulet pendant acts as a focal point for the jinn, facilitating his assistance for lifetime. It also serves as a channel for the primordial jinn’s energies. The entire ensemble somes in a crafted talismanic container, designed to safeguard and maintain the magical pact, adorned with arcane jinn symbols.

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Magical Jinn Pact - Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn
Arabic Magical Jinn Talisman Pendant - Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn
Magical Genie Pact Aba Al Jann - Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn
Magical Jinni Pact Father Of All Jinn - Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn
Father Of All Jinn Magical Pact - Magical Pact of Aba Al-Jann – Father of All Jinn

What is a Jinn Pact

A Magical Talismanic Jinn Pact is a mystical agreement made between an individual and a supernatural being known as a jinn. The pact involves the creation or use of a talisman link – a specially crafted object or a jewel inscribed with magical symbols, seals, and imbued with the jinn’s energies, and a written talismanic scroll that seals the pact.

The process of producing a Talismanic Jinn pact involves several key elements:

    – Intent and Purpose:

    The individual seeking the pact must have a clear intention and purpose for engaging with the jinn. This could range from seeking protection and guidance to acquiring knowledge, wealth, love, or spiritual enlightenment.

    – Invocation and Ritual:

    A ritual operation is performed to attract the attention of the jinn. This involves chanting specific Arabic invocations, performing ceremonial actions, giving specific orders to the jinn, and following a set of magical procedures passed down from time-tested occult traditions and previous masters of the art. During the elaborate process of creating the pact offerings, such as incense, specific herbs, oils, and substances, are given as a sign of respect and gratitude to the jinn. Respectful communication and adherence to the agreed-upon conditions are crucial to maintaining a positive relationship.

    – The Talisman Jinn Link creation:

    A talisman, often a physical object such as an amulet, specific jewel, or engraved stone, is prepared consecrated, and imbued with the power of the jinn or an angel – depending on whether one is summoning beings of the earthly or heavenly hierarchies. The talisman serves as a focal point for the connection between the individual and the jinn. It is adorned with sacred symbols, names of the jinn, or specific seals that amplify its magical properties.

    – Agreement and Sealing the Pact:

  The second part of the pact itself consists in a written form of the jinn’s agreement through its summoning along with the jinn’s personal names and seals that are written with magical ink on genuine animal leather or velum in the form of a scroll. Once created as a talismanic scroll, this written pact is permanent and valid for life, and the person has the responsibility to preserve and keep it safe because if it’s lost or destroyed the pact will be terminated and cease to work.

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]


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