Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery

We are excited to present to you an absolutely unparalleled and exceptionally unique Angelic Pact for the very first time out in public. What you are seeing is the very same Angelic Pact that we are using by ourselves in our own magical practice and lives, and we were taught by its extremely elaborate creation by one of our now deceased teachers Master Salih bin Qasim Abdullah from Egypt. To this day in his home town, there are many legends and stories from the local people about his abilities and extraordinary life. We remain forever thankful to him, and may Allah grant his soul peace and eternal bliss in the afterlife.

For many years we have decided to keep the knowledge of this pact in a strict secret but as we got older and as our lives progressed we decided that the day had come when we would be able to reveal and share this extraordinary magical item to the public. Make no mistake. This item is not for everyone, and not everyone can get access to it. We believe the one among you who is destined to have it will be guided by fate and angels themselves to acquire it.

The talismanic pact of the celestial beings Harut and Marut serves as the essential key to accessing the foundation of magic itself. Just like the most skillful sorcerers of the Middle East, you too can have the potential to master a diverse array of mystical gifts that empower you to tackle obstacles and conquer difficulties.

But who are Harut and Marut? They are famous fallen angels in the Islamic cosmology. They have taught people in Babylon about magic and have tested their faith. They are mentioned in the Qur’an in verse 102 from surah Al-Bakara about the infidels following the teachings of the Devils (Shaitans).

As humanity was growing on the earth, its corruption forced the angels of heaven to complain to God who was too indulging in humans. However, God told them that if they were put in the place of man under the same conditions and surrounded by passions and pleasures, pushing people to commit sins the angels themselves would not have done differently and would succumb. Two of the noblest and most pure angels – Harut and Marut, voluntarily agreed to go down to Earth in Babylon and live as humans. Harut was sent as a judge and Marut as a scientist/wise man. They led their lives to righteousness, until the day when a tempting beauty named Zuhra came to them. With the help of her beauty, she was able to deceive the angels to reveal to her the Most Secret name of God, through which they could rise back into the celestial realm. After saying it, she exalted and became the planet Venus (Al-Zuhra), leaving the angels powerless and misled to commit the sins of drunkenness and murder. God saw their transgression, and told them, “You reproached man about his defective nature, and after acquiring his carnal weaknesses, you behaved like him and his imperfection became yours.”

God gave the two angels the right to choose – to know the eternal torment of hell or torture on earth until the day of the Last Judgment. They decided to serve their sentence on earth and thus were chained to the ankles and hung down with their heads down in an underground cave under Babylon (nowadays Iraq). Anyone who wants to learn magic and manage to find the entrance to their cave will be gifted with great knowledge by the fallen angels and taught all the secrets of magic. It is alleged that they stand there to this day in anticipation of the end of their punishment.

With the Harut and Marut magical pact, you can form an arcane alliance with these angels and through them, you will be able to elevate your spiritual path and unlock the doors to the spiritual and invisible domain. This connection will empower you to manifest your desires and be protected at all levels of existence from any possible negativity and malicious influences.

Do you ever feel worn out from the constant setbacks and the pressure to prove your worth, not only to yourself but also to your loved ones and family, even to those who have dismissed, belittled, or undervalued you, possibly for as long as you can remember – as the individual who is capable of achieving anything?

Envision that now you will be able to step out from the mediocre and will unleash a great power at your disposal with the swift intensity of a lightning bolt. Gaining mastery over your life and the occurences in your existence, creates outcomes that would otherwise be impossible. This is attainable with the magical pact of Harut and Marut, which can amplify your abilities and hidden potential.

Now you can be a member of the select group endowed with this exceptional power to revolutionize your spiritual journey and attain remarkable outcomes. Why delay any further? Seize the control of your existence and unleash the full capacity of your being. You will be able to experience unexpected benefits that will change your life beyond the wildest imagination.

With the mystical power power of the celestial angels masters of magic – Harut and Marut you will be able to achieve material wealth and expansion even at times when economy is shrinking or facing downturns

– Revolutionize all your enterprises into a flourishing success.

– Overcome all challenges and propel your venture to unprecedented levels

– Draw others toward you with ease, becoming an epicenter of allure and esteem wherever you choose to engage.

– The power to be irresistible, attraction of sexual partners, success in all love affairs, finding a soulmate and a serious partner that will finally be there for you.

– Financial gain and attraction of well-being and prosperity from every possible direction.

– Unlimited protection from any known or unknown enemies and reversal of any form of black magic, curses, evil eye, and negative attacks. Any malevolent spirit or evil-minded demon that will try to harm you will burn instantly.

– Uncover eagerly anticipated resolutions to enduring issues and cultivate distinctive talents that distinguish you from your rivals, providing you with the decisive advantage for triumph.

– Tap into your inherent inventiveness, spawning innovative concepts that stoke your enthusiasm and stir the imagination of those around you.

– Bolster both your personal and business dealings with rare expertise and perspectives.

– Experience a renewed surge of vitality and happiness, as your physical and mental state glows with energy, contentment, and an optimistic outlook, altering each facet of your daily existence.

– Uncover the extraordinary opportunities that lie ahead, just at the edge of your most imaginative fantasies.

However, there is more to it than just that. When you get the Harut and Marut magical pact you also get access to an ancient magical item a key to the celestial angelic realm. The Talismanic Celestial Egg. This talisman is the focal point of the heavenly power of the Great Angels and serves as a gateway to their current abode that gives instant connection with them. Its creation comes directly from the hidden secrets of the magical Arabic grimoire of Master Salih bin Qasim Abdullah from Egypt.

This manuscript is exceptional in that it originates from a venerated lineage of magicians, passed down through generations, and it is currently in our possession from where we have learned many secrets of the magical art and mystical rituals of the ancient sorcerers. Its venerable pages contain some of the most potent and effective Jinn and angelic conjurations and magical operations known to humankind, predating and surpassing even famous occult works such as “Shams Al-Ma’arif ” of Al-Buni.

With the Angelic Pact and The Talismanic Celestial Egg of Harut and Marut, you will unlock the potent knowledge and enigmatic energies from the celestial domains. This essential tool will be at your disposal, enabling you to cultivate a deeper and more significant relationship with the angelic beings, thereby intensifying your spiritual journey and realizing ambitions that once seemed unattainable.

Embrace this chance to align yourself with the most revered sorcerers of all time, and immerse yourself in the unprecedented power of the masters of magic. It doesn’t matter if you’re well-versed in magic and occult arts or just setting foot on this path, the pact and the talisman of Harut and Marut are your gateway to forming a formidable and efficacious bond with these beings, thereby unleashing your latent capabilities and granting access to your most profound aspirations.

The moment to harness the full scope of your sorcerous prowess is here and now. Embark on a journey to stunning achievements that will inspire wonder and respect from all who witness them.

The pact is handwritten on an authentic parchment velum and charged with elaborate conjuration of the venerated angels for a specific set of days under strict observance of favorable time and astrological aspects. The pact and the talismanic celestial egg come with a special and unique talismanic box container made of white brass engraved with Arabic inscriptions, inlaid with high-quality carnelian stones for enhancing its mystical power to store and preserve these unique and extraordinary magical items.

This item transcends mere playthings, embodying potent magical power. It is not a toy and it is not designed for the frivolous or the superficial. So be warned!

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Arabic Evocation Magical Jinn Pact - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Arabic Magic Jinn Pact Sorcery - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Djinn Pact Angel Harut Marut - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Arabic Magical Jinn Egg Harut Marut - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Arabic Powerful Djinn Pact Harut Marut - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Harut Marut Magical Pact - Harut and Marut Angelic Pact – Harness The Ultimate Power of Sorcery
Harut Marut Magical Pact

What is a Jinn Pact

A Magical Talismanic Jinn Pact is a mystical agreement made between an individual and a supernatural being known as a jinn. The pact involves the creation or use of a talisman link – a specially crafted object or a jewel inscribed with magical symbols, seals, and imbued with the jinn’s energies, and a written talismanic scroll that seals the pact.

The process of producing a Talismanic Jinn pact involves several key elements:

    – Intent and Purpose:

    The individual seeking the pact must have a clear intention and purpose for engaging with the jinn. This could range from seeking protection and guidance to acquiring knowledge, wealth, love, or spiritual enlightenment.

    – Invocation and Ritual:

    A ritual operation is performed to attract the attention of the jinn. This involves chanting specific Arabic invocations, performing ceremonial actions, giving specific orders to the jinn, and following a set of magical procedures passed down from time-tested occult traditions and previous masters of the art. During the elaborate process of creating the pact offerings, such as incense, specific herbs, oils, and substances, are given as a sign of respect and gratitude to the jinn. Respectful communication and adherence to the agreed-upon conditions are crucial to maintaining a positive relationship.

    – The Talisman Jinn Link creation:

    A talisman, often a physical object such as an amulet, specific jewel, or engraved stone, is prepared consecrated, and imbued with the power of the jinn or an angel – depending on whether one is summoning beings of the earthly or heavenly hierarchies. The talisman serves as a focal point for the connection between the individual and the jinn. It is adorned with sacred symbols, names of the jinn, or specific seals that amplify its magical properties.

    – Agreement and Sealing the Pact:

  The second part of the pact itself consists in a written form of the jinn’s agreement through its summoning along with the jinn’s personal names and seals that are written with magical ink on genuine animal leather or velum in the form of a scroll. Once created as a talismanic scroll, this written pact is permanent and valid for life, and the person has the responsibility to preserve and keep it safe because if it’s lost or destroyed the pact will be terminated and cease to work.

Price: 5000 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]