The Magical Djinn Horn of Great Power

This extremely rare magical object is a piece of decades of studying and learning the secrets of the Arabic magic craft. It is one of the most powerful magical artifacts that is created with a special rite with the Arabic magical invocation of the Extreme Power – Qasim Berhatiyah that is having power over every celestial, terrestrial, and underworld jinn and spirit. The talisman is charged for 14 days during the waxing moon with a very intense process of reciting the conjuration and summoning the jinn khodams to be linked with it and assist the one who will use their talisman. This item is one of the closely guarded secrets of the Arabic sorcerers and the jinn themselves. Its exceptional power can help you for the following purposes:

– Attracting luck and success in every sphere of your life

-Attracting wealth, money, prosperity, well-being, and abundance

-Attracting love, soulmate, sexual desire, respect, harmony, and devotion towards you

– Ultimate magical protection of 21 jinn khodams linked to the talisman that will guard you against any known form of black magic, negative energies, curses, hexes, evil eyes, envy

-Victory over enemies and rivals

This magical talisman is very rare and we were able to make only a few pieces of it since the process of its construction and charging is very tense and elaborate. It is not a toy and we recommend it only for people with serious intentions to possess a rare and unique piece of jinn magic in their hands.

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Magical Jinn Horn - The Magical Djinn Horn of Great Power
Magical Djinn Horn - The Magical Djinn Horn of Great Power
Arabic Magic Manuscript Jinn Horn - The Magical Djinn Horn of Great Power

Price: 500 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]