The Solomon Pact Amulet

In this article, we will introduce you to a well-known Arabic amulet distributed in a large part of the Islamic world, the legend about it, and the properties attributed to it.

The “Pact of Solomon” amulet is a scroll with an image in the form of a tower, in which are placed numerological squares, and around them the names of angels and the four Righteous Caliphs. The central part of this amulet contains the seven covenants of Solomon, from which it derives its name and about which the Arab mystic Al-Buni in his book The Sun of Great Knowledge asserts the following:

“This amulet is remarkable and of proven power, containing the seven covenants taken by Solomon. He who wears it will be protected by its baraka (life force) from all trouble by land or sea while traveling or standing still. It also contains sacred symbols of protection useful for banishing diseases and weaknesses. The seven saving signs help to ward off accidents and the evil intentions of enemies or other people, for victory over envious people, against the oppression of an unjust person and from the harm of slanderers. The blessed key symbols ease difficulties, ease birth, help trade and increase sales, attract a groom for the unattractive, help in pregnancy, victory, reconciliation, compassion, love and continuity, heal wounds, and other significant benefits through the help of God the Most High.”

Solomon Pact - The Solomon Pact Amulet

This is the legend of how Solomon took the covenants:

  "Once Solomon met the most terrifying and ugly looking old woman and asked her: - Are you a human or a jinn, for I have never seen anyone uglier than you? She answered him: - I am the Mother of Children who rule over sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. I enter the houses and shout in them like a rooster, bark like a dog, bellow like a cow, bray like a camel, or like a horse and a donkey, or hiss like a snake. I take every form and bind wombs and destroy the lives of the children without being revealed. I come to the women and stop their wombs and bind them tightly so that they cannot conceive and remain barren. I come to the pregnant women and breathe on them and they are consumed, becoming unable to withhold fruit. I enter betrothed maidens or women and bring misfortune to their marriages and bridegrooms. I come to men and drink their white seed, leaving them with murky black water, no longer able to bear children. And I enter merchants and confound their business, leaving them without profit. I click the plowed ground, I breathe on it, and neither grain nor fruit can grow there. I come to the children and send them severe stabs and sharp pains so that their bones tremble and they become ugly.

The wise king, after hearing this, grabbed her tightly and said to her: – O Cursed One, you will not escape from my hands until you agree with me on terms in favor of the sons of Adam and the daughters of Eve. And she said: – O Prophet of God, I make an agreement on the condition that I will not hurt or approach any man or woman, boy or girl on whom you write these pacts and he or she carries them. The same will apply to any home or place of business or animal or possession.

Solomon asked her for these pacts, and so she was forced to give them to him, sealing each of the seven with a talisman.”

The talismans contain a name of God by which the old demon woman vows not to harm in any way the bearer of this amulet, as each vow therein states. The seven talismans concluding the oaths contain mystical symbols (known as the Seal of Solomon), and around them are placed the divine names corresponding to the covenants. The names are: Fard (The One), Jabbar (The All-Subduing), Shakur (The Appreciative), Tauwab (The Accepting of Repentance), Zaheer (The Manifest), Khabir (The All-Knowing) and Zakii (The Pure).

The amulet also contains several prayers and Quranic texts, along with three images corresponding to its benefits – for victory over enemies, for protection from scorpions, and for protection from snakes and dangers. It ends with a letter talisman and the statement:
“He who writes this talisman on paper and wears it on his head will be cured of headache. And if he lays it on any part of his body, the pain in it will disappear, by the permission of the Most High.“©

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