The Talismanic Necklace of the Serpent Ifrit Zulmarish

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Zulmarish is one of the oldest ifrit jinn from the snake clan Banu Thabaan. He appears as a giant serpent and is often mentioned in the old Arabic magical manuscripts as a fierce ifrit that possesses immense powers and abilities. It is said this powerful being was first known to the first king of Eridu and the first king of Sumer of ancient Mesopotamia (modern-day Iraq) which was the cradle of civilization. This was the time when the gods first gave humankind the gifts necessary for cultivating a society.
Zulmarish brings gifts of wealth and abundance and helping to open the road of success in one’s life. His greatest power is to guard and protect over any known or unknown enemy and to grant victory over foes and competitors. He is able to neutralize evil spells, magic, and curses that are directed to you and to send them back. He can punish the oppressors, tyrants and wrongdoers. His fierce nature creates an aura of awe around you, gaining prestige and acceptance.

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Jinn Talismanic Pendant - The Talismanic Necklace of the Serpent Ifrit Zulmarish

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