Talismanic Djinn Ring of Asaf the Wise One

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Asaf Al-Hakim or Asaf the Wise One is one of the strongest and oldest jinns who was in the court of King Solomon and governed legions of jinn builders, aids, and soldiers. He appears with an impressive and majestic look, wearing a black cloak and garment embodied with sapphires.

He is mentioned in the folk beliefs of the Bedouin tribes of Yemen. He is the keeper of the underground caves. He was converted by King Solomon into a Muslim and he is friendly and helpful to humans. He will protect you always and will be a very loyal guardian. He can protect from all forms of physical and spiritual attacks, incidents, negative and malefic spirits, and demonic presences. He causes terror in the hearts of your enemies. His powers can help you to achieve winning over foes and rivals, attract the love of people, for prestige and acceptance, solve difficult tasks in every sphere of life, and be a spiritual guide and teacher. The magical ring is with massive amethyst stone and comes with the talismanic box with the magical symbols of Asaf Al-Hakim.

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Arabic Marid Djinn Ring - Talismanic Djinn Ring of Asaf the Wise One
Arabic Marid Djinn Ring - Talismanic Djinn Ring of Asaf the Wise One

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