The Ring of The Jinn King Burqan

King Burqan Abu Al-Ajayb (The Two bolts of Lightning, Father of Wonders) is one of the Seven Jinn Kings. He is the ruler of Wednesday and the planet Mercury, and lord of the City of Carnelian. Under his rule are hundreds of tribes of Marids and Ifrits jinn. He is extremely powerful and his abilities are quite extraordinary. He teaches all about magic and all kinds of secrets and mystical arts. He grants victory in every competition, over enemies, and protects from hidden dangers and all kinds of accidents and misfortunes. He can break and neutralize any black magic because he is a master magician and patron of many of the Middle-Eastern sorcerers. He can give success and luck in every sphere of life and can manipulate all people to do what you want and to follow you. He gives love, sexual desire, money, wisdom, power, prestige, domination, and strong charisma. It is said Kind Solomon himself used his powers to his advantage and thus had great magical abilities and dominion over every demon, jinn, and human.

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Djinn King Arabic Ring - The Ring of The Jinn King Burqan
King Djinn Ring Arabic Talisman - The Ring of The Jinn King Burqan
Ring of Djinn King Burkan - The Ring of The Jinn King Burqan

Price: 500 Euro

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