The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

Many magicians nowadays dream to summon powerful beings who are from the highest possible hierarchy to help them to achieve all their goals. Unfortunately most got close to giving up after feeling too clueless and unable to make contact with such powerful figures, while very few others get all the power and success from contacting the beings.

Jinn Djinn Ring Talisman Arabic Magic - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

The most important step is access to the right knowledge. Imagine if you can learn about the most potent Jinn masters and discover their mysteries and secrets.

The Arabic magic occult texts and grimoires mention multiple Djinn names and kings. Some of them attained a high level of notoriety and were summoned in many different conjurations.

But four names appear in the Arabic magical manuscripts that were kept in a great secret due to their unimaginable power. These four Jinn are referred to as the Four Chiefs or the Four Great Elders (Al-Ruwuus Al-Arba’a). They are also referred to as the sons of the father of all jinn. Middle-Eastern writers have gone to great lengths to point out their importance. They made it clear that these Four Jinn Elders ruled over vast armies and the Seven Jinn Kings paid homage to them. Yet, they are rarely directly evoked or mentioned in other evocations because for many sorcerers they are hardly reachable due to their high status.

Powerful Djinn Ring Amulet - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders
Four Elders Kings Ring - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

These Four Chiefs preside over millions of jinn tribes including the powerful and fierce tribe Banu Ghilan which pays them homage. The Four Elders are also above the Seven Jinn Kings who are the highest rulers in the jinn hierarchy. The four elders govern them and most of the ifreets, marids, terrestrial and underworld jinn

Their names and ways of working with them were kept in great secret by the ancient mages. For the first time, we will give you the keys to initiate contact with these mighty four elders.

The first Jinn Elder is called Mazer and he is depicted in the Arabic occult grimoires as wearing a turban and covered with jewels. He oversees the direction of East and his aid is King Al-Ahmar. The second Jinn Elder is called Kamtam and he is known as the one with golden pen and silver inkwell. He oversees the direction of the West and his aid is King Al-Madhab. The third Jinn Elder is called Qaswarah who when he moves and talks, all rulership, dominions, and mountains treble and shake. He oversees the direction of the South and his aid is King Shamhurash. The last of the Four Jinn Elders is called Taykal and his speech burns all evil and demonic jinn. He oversees the direction of the North and his aide is King Marah. These four chiefs are governed by the most potent celestial archangels Metatron, Shedechiel, and Dardiel for they answer to no other jinn and they are the highest in rank in the entire Djinn hierarchy.

They can grant innumerable abilities such as:

Ultimate protection against any form of evil and negative attacks, attracting all benevolent things in all spheres of life, love, happiness, well-being, money, abundance, authority, power over enemies, spiritual guidance, and occult wisdom.

Strongest Djinn Ring Talisman - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

Manifestation of one’s desires and bringing your wishes into the physical plane.

Harness the great power of the Four Jinn Elders to manifest all that is positive in your life and your wildest desires.

Wealth and Money – a great many opportunities will come in your life and money from different sources, winning the lottery, receiving unexpected checks or inheritance.

Love and Sexual desire – all matters of the heart will be solved. Finding a soulmate, a twin flame, helping to hold the love of your partner or husband/wife, restoring peace, and bringing harmony in one’s relationship.

Authority and reputation – get a promotion at your work, and be respected by your co-workers, boss, and every person. Great success in all your endeavors will be unleashed.

Protection from every form of negativity, enemies, their schemes, and attacks. Destructions of any demon or malefic spirit that is causing you trouble and removal of every negativity and obstacle that is blocking your life.

Genius and Creativity – The Four Jinn Elders will change your way of thinking and they will endow you with the great power of creativity, being able to solve any challenges and conflicts, wisdom and super human perspective, and increased knowledge in all spheres of science and occult arts.

Your psychic powers will increase many times over and your powers will be enhanced by giving you absolute control over the invisible realm.

And much more that is hard to enumerate in a list.

Jinn Arabic Spell Talisman - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

Be aware that this is a limited offer. We are only able to make limited pieces of this unique exquisite magical talismanic jinn ring described in the old manuscripts and known only to the selected initiated master magicians. This is not a commercial product but a crowning achievement of Arabic Magical Art, constructed and charged with the elaborated ancient formulas taken from the old Arabic grimoires under strict and all necessary requirements for its creation. This is not a toy but a very serious magical tool of the Middle-Eastern sorcerers and it is intended only for the serious practitioners of the occult and seekers of the true spiritual path as well as people with the clear intention of using it not only for their own benefit but for to others as well.

Four Elders Jinn Talisman Amulet - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

We have decided to give a chance to selected ones to change their lives and accelerate their abilities beyond all they can imagine. You won’t need years to experience the art of Jinn Magic as it is usually required but through this powerful magical ring, you will have immediate access to the Four Djinn Elders, their domain, a field of actions, and hidden secrets without the need to participate in elaborate ritual operations for summoning and without any danger and harm for you or your beloved ones.

The talismanic ring of the Four Jinn Elders is made of brass which is the magical metal of the jinn and was used by Kind Solomon (Suleiman) himself to close the rebellious jinn during his rule. It is mounted with high-quality purest Carnelian cabochon and engraved with a magical seal of the ancient and mighty Jinn Elders. The ring is charged with an elaborate process with special Arabic conjurations among which are the legendary Qasim Al-Sebaseb (Conjuration of the Seven Deserts) for a specific set of days in a row with special offerings, and magical incense blends for evoking and making the bond between the jinn and the talismanic ring. The ring comes with a special talismanic box engraved with the powerful magical Seal of the Four Jinn Elders that serves as a seal of dominance, supervision, and contract between the jinn and the holder of their ring.

If you feel this is the right talisman for you and you are ready to take it act while you still can for we won’t be able to produce many pieces of it.

Strongest Jinn Ring - The Great Talisman Magical Ring of the Ancient Four Jinn Elders

Price: 1200 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]