Qareen- The Jinn Companion

Qareen is the name of a particular class of Jinns, which literally translates to “permanent companion”. It is believed that with the birth of each person, a lifelong companion or personal jinni (genie) is appointed to him, who accompanies him until his death. In the different cultures and traditions, this companion is called by different names, in Persian and Urdu it is called Hamzat, by Sanskrit Saia, and in ancient Roman mythology it is described as a personal genius capable of influencing and inspiring people. The concept of a doplleganger spirit is very old and most likely comes from the “Ka” (spiritual essence) from the ancient Egyptian religion, as well as from some animistic beliefs found in Egypt and Arabia from the time of the coming of Islam.

        It is believed that Qareen is responsible for helping our spirit to adapt to our body and our surrounding physical reality. Also, it can influence many of our decisions, choices or views. For example, if a person is brought up and raised in a Christian faith, but often falls or inexplicably exposed to Jewish influences, then his Qareen is most likely a Jew. The same applies to other religions, ideologies and even the lack of faith. Qareen is said to also play a role in our personal relationships. If we have a relationship with a person our Qareen does not approve of or like his Qareen, he will try to bring as many problems and troubles between the partners as possible.

According to orthodox Islamic beliefs, it is assumed that all the Qareen are negative or demonic (sheitans), whose sole purpose is to lead a person in a bad way. On the other hand, if our jinn escort is spiritual and positive, it can affect us for good by directing us in the right direction. Qareen can be affected by our actions or lifestyle, which if they are harmful to him, he would respond by whispering depressive and depleted thoughts, or would mislead us in situations that harm us. That is why many Arab sorcerers and healers have sought ways to protect against these beings and their impact.

The hadith mention that the Prophet Mohammad managed to make his Qareen accept his faith, and so the latter continued to advise him and direct him until the end of his pious life. In many cases of an established connection with a spiritual teacher or leader, it is a matter of communicating with a personal jinn companion, who presents himself in an acceptable form of man and guides him on his spiritual path. In the Arabic magical tradition, there are various practices for contacting this jinn to be forced to answer questions or perform tasks. An interesting fact for some of the sheikhs and fortunetellers, when they directly say detailed information about an unknown person is that they send their Qareen to talk to that of the client who knows everything about his life, and thus becomes retrieval of information, which on the side seems impressive and is considered direct clairvoyance.

       It is believed that after the death of a person, his Qareen does not die, but continues his existence, and in the case of contacts with the spirits of the dead, their Qareen, posing on behalf of the late and knowing everything about him, appears.©

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