Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring

The mighty figure of King Solomon (Suleiman) as a great monarch, prophet, and magician was known since ancient times till nowadays and his name and stories of his life and rule have been told in many Islamic, Judaic, and Christian holy and apocryphal texts, myths and legends. Perhaps above all else, Solomon is known as the master of the jinn and demons. Even today we have the so-called Solomonic magic which is a rich corpus of magical texts ascribed to this legendary ruler.

However, the omnipotence of Solomon does not mean that no jinn would have attempted to rebel against Solomon’s authority. The Holy Quran thus mentions a temporary usurpation of his power in Surah Sad verse 34:

“And indeed, We tested Solomon and We placed a ghost body (a devil) upin his throne, then he repented.”

This “ghost body” was thus very early identified by exegetes with a jinn or a man among the jinn (rajul min al-jinn) who is called Sakhr ibn Ghafir Ibn ‘Amr Ibn Sharhabil.
Sakhr is a giant Jinn Marid and master of the sea. Iblis is said to be his grandfather. His name is also said to be Usayd, literally “little lion”.

The jinn Sakhr rebelled against King Solomon and stole his magical ring. According to the ancient narrative, one day, Solomon, wanting to take a bath, entrusted his ring to a servant. Sakhr then took the appearance of Solomon to retrieve the ring from the servant. Upon leaving his bath, Solomon had lost all his power and was no longer recognized by his subjects. He then wandered as a beggar for forty days while Sakhr ascended his throne and ruled in his stead. The jinn, for his part to ensure that no human will have the power to control the jinn race threw Solomon’s ring into the sea, which was swallowed by a fish, which was afterward caught and brought to Solomon, who by this means recovered his kingdom.

Once Solomon restored his power back he captured Sakhr and locked him in a vessel which he threw into the sea. The story continues and is mentioned even in a tale from The Thousand and One Nights, in which a fisherman finds a bottle sealed with a lead seal from which a jinn escapes when he opens it. This jinn then presents himself as Sakhr. The medieval historian Ibn al-Faqih al-Hamadani indicates about Mount Damavand, in Tabaristan (present-day Iran), that this is the refuge of Sakhr.

We therefore easily understand why the name of the powerful marid jinn Sakrh is found in treaties of magic, generally linked to Solomon. In а version of the “Testament of Solomon” Sakhr is presented as a leader of the jinns capable of presenting the tribes of jinns to the prophet-king and reviewing them. The figure of Sakhr was presented in the famous Kitab al-Fihrist by Ibn Al-Nadim where his name was given among the list of 70 jinn who were brought before King Solomon to question them. The notorious magical book Shams Al-Ma’arif by Al-Buni indicates that the lord of the four Ifrit viziers who carried the throne of Solomon is the jinn Sakhr. There are many Arabic works of demonology and jinn summoning placed under the authority of Solomon where this magnificent marid jinn appears.

As an ancient and extremely powerful entity, the jinn Sakr possesses tremendous strength and appears as a colossal giant who radiates majesty, might, and raw power and contains the embodiment of the primal smokeless fire of the jinn. In the realm of manifestation, he is a figure shrouded in shadow, emanating an aura of ancient wisdom. His presence is both captivating and mysterious with piercing fiery eyes that hold the depths of knowledge, and a voice that resonates with authority and insight. His essence transcends the boundaries of the physical realm, existing as an embodiment of pure magic and guardian of the secret of the actual Ring of Solomon that was once stolen by himself. Sakhr is a master magician jinn and the quintessential choice for any practitioner of the occult, intrinsically intertwined with the very essence of magic itself.

The main problem is only a very few magicians have successfully contacted Sakr.

Those that have had any success ended up with other jinn who impersonated him or at best his low-class servants. Why is this happening? The reason for this is the jinn Sakhr is very proud and will not simply respond to standard summoning methods. You need to attract his attention and to prove yourself worthy of his great help and assistance, and above all to possess the correct methods and secret invocations for his direct summoning. Good luck with that because these covert rituals can not be found in the circulating Arabic and Middle-Eastern magical books. They are highly guarded and kept in secret.

Over the years of our study and practice of Arabic magic, guided by the wisdom of our teachers, we have encountered a variety of reliable methods for conjuring this powerful jinn. Until now, we have delayed employing these techniques, but the moment has arrived. For the first time ever, in the public space, we are presenting an exclusive opportunity to acquire the mystical pact of Jina Marid Sakr carefully made through an extensive and elaborate magical procedure.

What advantages come from establishing a relation with a jinn master of sorcery? You’ll gain access to formidable insights that have the potential to mold your life’s essence. With Sakhr’s mystical power, you’ll be able to exert influence over individuals and your environment. You’ll witness an upswing in your financial gains and commercial triumphs. Any adverse circumstances can be skillfully turned to your favor. You have the opportunity to seek his support in navigating and resolving complex challenges. Moreover, your love life can be improved in any aspect, your financial problems will be over and you will experience growth, material abundance, and great success. All this through the help of this unique Jinn Magical Pact that establishes direct connections and bestows the help of the Jinn Marid Sakhr. His title is none other than Bestower of Miracles, because of all the things he can do for you.

The Magical Jinn Pact is inscribed upon genuine animal black leather, containing the personal talismanic figure of the Jinn Sakr who will be summoned and charged through his secret magical conjurations to enlist his help and assistance to you for a lifetime. The Talismanic Marid Ring of Sakr acts as a focal point and conductor of the jinn essence, allowing it to be readily accessible to you at all times while also safeguarding you from any potential harm. To keep and protect the Jinn Pact, everything comes in a handcrafted box adorned with magical names and seals.

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Arabic Spell Jinn Pact Marid - Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring
Arabic Spell Genie Pact King Solomon - Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring
Arabic Spells Jinn Pact - Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring
Arabic Spell Djinn Pact Islamic Jinn - Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring
King Marid Djinn Pact - Magical Jinn Pact of the Marid Sakr – The Master Jinn Sorcerer Who Stole Solomon’s Ring

What is a Jinn Pact

A Magical Talismanic Jinn Pact is a mystical agreement made between an individual and a supernatural being known as a jinn. The pact involves the creation or use of a talisman link – a specially crafted object or a jewel inscribed with magical symbols, seals, and imbued with the jinn’s energies, and a written talismanic scroll that seals the pact.

The process of producing a Talismanic Jinn pact involves several key elements:

    – Intent and Purpose:

    The individual seeking the pact must have a clear intention and purpose for engaging with the jinn. This could range from seeking protection and guidance to acquiring knowledge, wealth, love, or spiritual enlightenment.

    – Invocation and Ritual:

    A ritual operation is performed to attract the attention of the jinn. This involves chanting specific Arabic invocations, performing ceremonial actions, giving specific orders to the jinn, and following a set of magical procedures passed down from time-tested occult traditions and previous masters of the art. During the elaborate process of creating the pact offerings, such as incense, specific herbs, oils, and substances, are given as a sign of respect and gratitude to the jinn. Respectful communication and adherence to the agreed-upon conditions are crucial to maintaining a positive relationship.

    – The Talisman Jinn Link creation:

    A talisman, often a physical object such as an amulet, specific jewel, or engraved stone, is prepared consecrated, and imbued with the power of the jinn or an angel – depending on whether one is summoning beings of the earthly or heavenly hierarchies. The talisman serves as a focal point for the connection between the individual and the jinn. It is adorned with sacred symbols, names of the jinn, or specific seals that amplify its magical properties.

    – Agreement and Sealing the Pact:

  The second part of the pact itself consists in a written form of the jinn’s agreement through its summoning along with the jinn’s personal names and seals that are written with magical ink on genuine animal leather or velum in the form of a scroll. Once created as a talismanic scroll, this written pact is permanent and valid for life, and the person has the responsibility to preserve and keep it safe because if it’s lost or destroyed the pact will be terminated and cease to work.

Price: 2500 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]