More info about Arabic Taweez (Tawiz)

The taweez, tawiz, muska (Turkish), (Arabic: تعويذ‎) is a written amulet. This amulet (taweez) may contain verses from the Holy Quran, Islamic prayers, Surahs, Divine’s names, Arabic spells, magical squares, names of jinn and angels, powerful incantations, invocations, conjurations and mystical symbols.

The taweez can be written on paper, parchment, animal skin, iron, copper, silver, gold, lead, cotton cloth, or wood.

These powerful Islamic amulets are charged at a specific time of the day, and some are charged during specific planetary and astrology hours or days. In other cases, they are written on strictly defined dates in accordance with the lunar cycle. It is very important for them to be handwritten and properly charged in a way to work and produce the desired effect.

The writing is done with red or black ink. The saffron ink is often used for the writing of taweez and magical talismans It is made of deer’s musk, rose water, and saffron. There are several different types of magical inks with different ingredients that are used for the writing of the taweez and magical incantations.

Once the taweez is written it should be charged by fumigating it with a special blend of magical incenses that contains various Arabic herbs and resins. During the fumigation, the specific prayers or spells are recited over the taweez to infuse it with spiritual energy (rouhaniya).

The charged taweez is then wrapped with cloth to preserve it, or it can be put in a silver locket, or metal box, or small bag and worn with the intended person.

Some of the most powerful taweez are the work of the Islamic occult art of Ilm al-Hikmah and masters Al-Buni and Al-Ghazali

Depending on the purpose of the taweez it will work by attracting love and sexual desire, money and wealth, well-being, financial prosperity, good luck, success in business and work, for protection, or another specific aim.