Moroccan Arabic Magic Against Bad Luck

This ritual performed by the Moroccan wizards aims to remove bad luck from the victim by transferring it to another person or animal, and this way to attract good luck towards you.

         Take a woolen cord to measure the length of the circumference from each finger of the hands of the affected by bad luck. Another cotton cord is tied around his waist and he should carry it for two days. At the end of the second day, the two threads are taken and rolled into a ball, that is placed in a small fabric, to which are added three old rusty nails, sage leaves, rosemary, thyme, kelp, anise seeds, sulfur, and a piece of Benzoe resin.

         The affected by bad luck person should then bring a clay pot with spring water and place it stand under the moon with the bundle with ingredients to stay overnight. In the morning, he has to take them back, and with a spoon should throw water behind his back and staring forward without looking back. Then the person should take one pebble from a city gate (or from a place where people pass), as well as a pebble from a river bed and a vessel with river water.

         Back in the home, the pebbles are placed in a metal container over fire, and separately part of the overnight water is mixed together with the river water and heated to the fire. When the water boils the pebbles are put into it and after it has cooled, the affected person should wash with the water and then to burn the bundle with ingredients. This is done outside the home, and when the person goes back home the first animal or person he mets will immediately receives the bad luck (it will be transfered to them).©

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