The talismanic bracelet of the shaitan jinn Malik Al-Thaeabin (The Snake King)

The bracelet is connected with the shaitan jinn Malik Al-Thaeabin (The Snake King) who is known as an underworld jinn and ruler of all snakes and vipers. He is one of the oldest jinn and even the strongest Arabic sorcerers were afraid to summon him because of his great power. From the first time after many years, we managed to create this talisman and to summon this jinn king. He is a master of hidden and occult knowledge, a powerful warrior, and can help to dominate and defeat enemies and foes. He can grant well-being and fortune and be protected from any kind of misfortune and incidents. Also for the attraction of love and prestige.
The powers within this magical item are not to be played with and certainly not to be taken lightly. This talisman is extremely rare and powerful that is recommended only for the experienced magicians or practicians of the occult and not for the weak at heart.

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Unique piece, which is not going to be replicated.

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: