Magic Pendant of the Ifrit Jinn Queen Rabia Bint Shah Jahir

This talismanic pendant is made of high-quality engraved red aqeeq carnelian stone and it is connected to the jinniya Queen Rabia Bint Shah Jahir, a fire ifrit bound by a unique talismanic pact within the magical jewel. She will remain your ally for life. It’s important to understand that communicating with jinn is serious and requires utmost respect. Queen Rabia is immensely powerful, with legendary beauty and strength. In return for your respect, she will become a loyal ally, aiding you in ways no one else can.

Ifrits, or ‘afarit in Arabic, are among the strongest jinn, known for their strength and immense magical abilities. Born from smokeless fire, they can influence human life for good or ill, living for thousands of years. The Holy Quran mentions a powerful ifrit offering to transport the Queen of Sheba’s throne for King Solomon in the blink of an eye. Oriental myths also speak of ifrit jinn found in bottles at the sea’s bottom, fulfilling the wishes of those who outsmart them.

Queen Rabia’s powers are especially potent in matters of love, abundance, well-being, prosperity, and wealth, granting luxury and strong protection from all evil and dangers. Wearing her powerful talismanic pendant will help you attract love and be loved by others. It can also project intense passion and feelings into the hearts and minds of people, dominate enemies, make you attractive and desirable, and draw luxury and positive material goods to you. Due to her fiery nature, she is an excellent protector against evil, capable of burning away demonic presences. The jinn pendant comes with a special talismanic box for storing and preserving.

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Powerful-Genie-Pendant - Magic Pendant of the Ifrit Jinn Queen Rabia Bint Shah Jahir
Djinn-Pendant - Magic Pendant of the Ifrit Jinn Queen Rabia Bint Shah Jahir

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]