Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance

The concept of the Qareen has been present in various forms across different cultures and belief systems. In the Islamic tradition, the Qareen is often described as a personal companion or double, associated with a person from his birth to death. The term “Qareen” is derived from Arabic and means “companion” or “counterpart.”

In Western occultism, the idea of a personal daimon or daemon (from Ancient Greek “god” or “godlike”) referred to a lesser deity or guiding spirit of the ancient Greek religion and mythology. It is comparable to the Qareen. This concept is often linked to the idea of a guardian spirit or an inner guide that influences an individual’s thoughts and actions. The relationship with one’s daemon is seen as integral to one’s spiritual development and self-realization. The same concept exists in Roman religion, under the name of “genius” which was a significant aspect of the Roman spiritual beliefs. It was considered like a Guardian Angel and was seen as a guiding and protective spirit associated with every individual, place, and even inanimate object.

In Islam, the Qareen is a jinn, a non-human being, whose actions are driven by its own personal interests. It is an unseen entity that remains attached to you at all times and until your death. The Qareen or Qarin is a constant companion that can not be separated from the human. In Persian, it is called “hamzad” (a personal shadow or doppelgänger). In the human world, every individual has a counterpart known as a Qarin in the parallel realm of jinn. These qareen jinn can be either male or female, with Qarin representing the masculine and Qarina the feminine. Men are paired with a Qarin, while women have a Qarina. In Islamic belief, these entities are often referred to as personal shaytan, and the majority of them are considered malevolent, their main purpose being to misguide us at various points in our lives. In one hadith, the Prophet Muhammad tells us that a demon is assigned to every human being: “There is no one among you but a comrade from among the jinn is assigned to him.” The Prophet managed to convert his personal qareen who became pious and a believer. Only elevated and spiritual figures were capable of such a deed to convert their own qareens who became their companions, friends, and guides.

The qareen are jinn, and thus all their actions, intentions, and pursuits are intrinsically linked to benefits that serve their own race and individual self-interest. The jinn king of all qareen jinn is called King Abba Deebaj. He is their leader and ruler in the jinn realm.

The notion of communicating with the Qareen or personal daemon is reminiscent of practices in various mystical traditions where individuals engage in spiritual conversations with inner aspects of themselves. This process is believed to facilitate personal growth, insight, and a deeper understanding of one’s psyche. In the Arabic magical tradition summoning and communication with the personal jinn qareen is considered one of the highest forms of mastery of magic. The sorcerers who have contacted their qareen managed to control it and use it for different tasks, even to summon the qareen of another individual and thus to know his deepest secrets and thoughts.

The qareen’s agenda in question revolves around you and your life. He keeps track of every event and deed associated with your existence. With this objective in mind, the qareen can influence your thought positively or negatively and dictate any decision you take in life. Your qareen engages in strategic planning of future initiatives and decisions, overseeing all your activities.

So one may wonder, does your Qareen, act as an ally or an adversary?
The truth often lies in a blend of the two. The Qareen will assist you when it aligns with its objectives and likewise put obstacles when it suits its ends. Your Qareen could present obstacles to your growth in magic and access to the spiritual realm, acting as a hindrance. It might provoke certain experiences, leaving you in a whirlwind of spiritual conflict. It can push you towards a partnership that aligns with its objectives and beliefs. It could subtly influence you to follow a faith it believes in. Certain individuals seem plagued by misfortune as if they’ve drawn the fury of their Qareen, leading them through a circle of ill-fated events. It’s almost as if they have been cursed. The Qareen, taking delight in such illusions, often suggests a scapegoat for their human counterpart to harbor animosity towards.

The qareen’s influence can not be cut off or ceased. The good news is the Qareen lack the power to compel us into actions against our will. We are fully capable of making independent decisions. However, the challenge arises in identifying the moments when we’re being subtly manipulated and to be able to recognize between our own thoughts and ideas and the ones of our qareen.

Only the spiritual figures or people with the appropriate magical knowledge are able to take control over their qareen and turn them into friends and spiritual guides.

Throughout our life experience, we have carefully worked on different ways and magical operations on how to be able to control our own qareens and how to make them our friends, to win their sympathy and benevolence towards us and above all to be in alliance with them on good terms. We have reached the point where we can now offer this to any individual who wishes to do the same and unlock the secret way to learn the name of his own qareen and be able to make it his own ally and a spiritual friend instead of an adversary.

Reflect on the significance of this information – one might wonder why it isn’t more commonly recorded and revealed in the magical works. The explanation is straightforward. Such esoteric wisdom and the capacity it wields have the potential to manipulate OTHER individuals Qareen’s to act against their own interests or directly controling them. Consider this for a moment, and it becomes apparent why such knowledge is scarcely ever fully disclosed in any occult work on Arabic sorcery.

With this magical pact created by us, you will be able to gain control over your own actions and decisions and you will be master of your own life without any unwanted influences of your qareen. You will win the friendship and the good disposle of your qareen towards you by eliminating its negative impact on your life. Instead of creating blockages, the qareen will work for your own benefit, and open the gates of many unexpected possibilities in life, for the attracting of luck, success, and enhancing your spiritual power and awe.

This Jinn Qareen Pact will provide your own qareen’s guidance who will support you and help you with your personal growth and interests. Through it your qareen will be bound to assist you in aligning yourself with the path of spiritual enlightenment. The qareen will act as your source of enlightenment, imparting wisdom, new ideas, inspirations and serving as your own muse in any aspect of life. By using the pact your qareen will protect you from all negativities and accidents because it has the power to shield your aura so that no evil or malicious spirit can penetrate it. And it can stop you from making wrong and bad decisions in life (even if they seem promising at first glance). All qareen has direct contact with the invisible realm and know far more than any human being.

Furthermore, you can commission your Qareen to undertake specific quests or tasks on your behalf. You can now be able to enlist the help of your own qareen to influence the thoughts of the people around you so that they accept you or see you as a significant and charming individual with a strong presence. Your qareen can reach the qareen of your partner or a desired person of sexual interest and persuade the other’s person qareen to influence him or her to like you or be attracted to you.

And much more possibilities and benefits that can not be enumerated for once you win the assistance of your own qareen through the power of this Magical Pact you will reach unsuspected heights in your material and spiritual growth and you will gain on your side the help of a powerful ally with whom you are directly connected by birth.

For the construction of the Magical Jinn Qareen Pact, we will need your name and date of birth to extract the name of your personal qareen assigned to you from birth, that will be given to you and it will be also written on the magical pact in combination with specific talismans and magical formulas binding the qareen. The pact itself is written on an authentic parchment velum and charged with a powerful set of specific magical conjurations that summons and binds your qareen through the authority of their own Jinn King Abaa Dibaaj. The magical talisman pendant serves as a focal point of the qareen so that it can be constantly at your disposal and ensuring it won’t harm you in any way. It functions as a spiritual conductor of the qareen’s power. All come in a handmade talismanic box to store and preserve the pact, inscribed with the secret magical symbols of the qareen jinn. This is a unique and one-of-a-kind opportunity that no one who wants to be the master of his own destiny

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Djinn Pact - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance
Genie Pact Talisman Qareen - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance
Jinn Amulet Talisman Pendant Qareen - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance
Jinn Pact Hamzat Qarin Djinn - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance
Qareen Jinni Pact - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance
Qareen Jinn Magical Pact - Jinn Qareen Pact – Discover your Personal Qareen and Unlock its Benevolence and Lifetime Assistance

What is a Jinn Pact

A Magical Talismanic Jinn Pact is a mystical agreement made between an individual and a supernatural being known as a jinn. The pact involves the creation or use of a talisman link – a specially crafted object or a jewel inscribed with magical symbols, seals, and imbued with the jinn’s energies, and a written talismanic scroll that seals the pact.

The process of producing a Talismanic Jinn pact involves several key elements:

    – Intent and Purpose:

    The individual seeking the pact must have a clear intention and purpose for engaging with the jinn. This could range from seeking protection and guidance to acquiring knowledge, wealth, love, or spiritual enlightenment.

    – Invocation and Ritual:

    A ritual operation is performed to attract the attention of the jinn. This involves chanting specific Arabic invocations, performing ceremonial actions, giving specific orders to the jinn, and following a set of magical procedures passed down from time-tested occult traditions and previous masters of the art. During the elaborate process of creating the pact offerings, such as incense, specific herbs, oils, and substances, are given as a sign of respect and gratitude to the jinn. Respectful communication and adherence to the agreed-upon conditions are crucial to maintaining a positive relationship.

    – The Talisman Jinn Link creation:

    A talisman, often a physical object such as an amulet, specific jewel, or engraved stone, is prepared consecrated, and imbued with the power of the jinn or an angel – depending on whether one is summoning beings of the earthly or heavenly hierarchies. The talisman serves as a focal point for the connection between the individual and the jinn. It is adorned with sacred symbols, names of the jinn, or specific seals that amplify its magical properties.

    – Agreement and Sealing the Pact:

  The second part of the pact itself consists in a written form of the jinn’s agreement through its summoning along with the jinn’s personal names and seals that are written with magical ink on genuine animal leather or velum in the form of a scroll. Once created as a talismanic scroll, this written pact is permanent and valid for life, and the person has the responsibility to preserve and keep it safe because if it’s lost or destroyed the pact will be terminated and cease to work.

Price: 3000 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]