Arabic Talisman of A’aqreb Al-Shiiq – The Djinn Scorpion

This unique magical talisman is connected with the jinni A’aqreb Al-Shiiq, who is known as a patron of the scorpions and appears in the form of a huge scorpion. Its powers and abilities are related to personal development, protection from all forms of evil and attacks, victory over enemies, dominance over all people, and enhancing personal power. He grants the person who possesses his talisman mystical powers of transformation, magic, and hidden knowledge. The scorpion teaches wisdom and drives a person to get rid of everything old and unnecessary in a way to bring positive change in life.
Among the many powers of this talisman are:

  • Attracting well-being and good fortune
  • Protection of one’s home and whole family against all evil
  • Giving clear thoughts and a sharp mind
    Enact fear in the hearts of your foes and enemies
  • Revealing plots and intrigues that are made against you
  • Protection from thieves and burglary
    If there are obstacles that stop you from personal development, no matter in what area in your life, the power of this magical talisman will give you access to great potential for renewal, and recovery and will remove any blockade from your path so that you can achieve the desired changes and success.
    The talisman can be stored in your home or in your working place inside its talismanic box or kept in a cabinet. It is important to be stored in your vicinity.

The talismanic figure of the Scorpion comes with special handmade magical box for its storing and safekeeping. The Scorpion can be placed in your home or working space, or anywhere where you want to attract its beneficial energies and powers.

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Djinn Scorpio Arabic Magic - Arabic Talisman of A’aqreb Al-Shiiq – The Djinn Scorpion
Djinn Scorpio Arabic Talisman - Arabic Talisman of A’aqreb Al-Shiiq – The Djinn Scorpion
Jinn Scorpio Arabic Amulet - Arabic Talisman of A’aqreb Al-Shiiq – The Djinn Scorpion
Scorpion Arabic Magic Talisman Protection - Arabic Talisman of A’aqreb Al-Shiiq – The Djinn Scorpion

Price: 500 Euro

The magical talismans and amulets that we offer are not commercial products but are entirely handmade charged with the correct Arabic rituals under strict control for performing all necessary requirements and favorable time for their creation. To order, please use the email below: [email protected]