Quranic taweez for reconciliation and harmony

tawiz_for_harmony - Quranic taweez for reconciliation and harmony

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Ta’wiztawiz, muska (Turkish) or taʿwīdh (Arabic تعويذ‎).

All talismans and  ta’wiz that we are making are not simply writing certain texts on paper but authentic and genuinely produced items of the Arabic magical tradition. To make a given talisman working this requires a long and difficult process. First, it is necessary to select the right prayer from the Quran or the spell suitable for the required purpose. Then, it is written with a special saffron ink (sometimes may be used black, red or blood, etc.) Depending on the intended use of the talisman or the tawiz, it is written in different astrological hours of the day and sometimes only in specific moon phases, and then it is fumigated with rare and expensive herbs and incenses. The most important final step is its charging done by saying Quranic prayers or incantations a certain number of times and that transforms it from a simple object into a powerful and working talisman.

Price: 100 euro

All of the taweez are personally made for each client.
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Islamic Magic Talismans And Amulets - Quranic taweez for reconciliation and harmony