Haunted Painting “Dance of the Samodivas”

This is a unique hand painted oil on canvas painting called “Dance of the Samodivas”.
It was painted at the 40’s last century by an anonymous author. Since then the painting changed its owners a few times because strange happenings occurred at the place it was stored. One of its owners was an army’s officer who bought it for his wife. Despite the fact he was a complete atheist he admitted later he and his wife saw strange figures that appear at nighttime in the bedroom where the painting was hung. Its next owner took it from the family a decade later and also witnessed strange visions at night. Then the painting was sold to an antiquarian friend of ours who decided to gave it to us because he was afraid of it and because his daughter said there is “white ladies” that appear around the painting. After we made diagnostic it shows the painting is connected with the Samodivas and its author had interfered with them during his youth, and they were summoned by his grandmother who was the local village healer. The Samodivas are benevolent and if they decide they can show themselves and to help one in his life.

They are also known as Vilas, Samovilas, Nymphs and Paries (also Fairies) and they are of the most beautiful creatures and immortal keepers of the nature in the Balkan believes. They appear like young beautiful women, with long hair, and dressed in a transparent white dress made from moonlight. This magic dress let them fly without wings and gives them magic protection power. These beings hide in the deepest forests and appear only at the nights near water basins, rivers or lakes. Usually, they fly on groups trying to cure damaged plants and hurt animals. Their dancing delicate bodies, their graceful movements, their so charming voices are so fascinating, that can make one lose his mind. There is a special Holy Day in the summertime when sick people find these samodiva’s places, and sleep there holding samodiva’s flowers.

Size: 178/95 cm

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Samodivas Painting - Haunted Painting “Dance of the Samodivas”

Dance Of The Samodivas - Haunted Painting “Dance of the Samodivas”

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Unique piece, which is not going to be replicated.

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